Aaron Kunin, p.4


The throat is
sore for a
word. It is
sore with word-

desire, desire
for the word "she."
The word "she": will
it appear? Will

she appear?
(is the word
"she" a she?)
She is a

word I always,
without knowing,
had in mind.
Once, to my shame,

I had no
what to do
with the word

"she"; now it seems
like I don't know
any other
word. It seems like

is a she,
money is
a she (you're

so complete you
don't have to think
about money!
You have so much

money you
don't know what
knowing is!),
knowing is

a she, and in
heaven, God is
a she. No more
herr Gott, from now

on, no more
seigneur, no
more boy-God:
the end! But

won't she start to
wonder: "If there's
no word for 'he,'
if everything

is a she,
why would we
have to have
a word for

it? If this word
appears every-
where, it won't mean
anything." And

at last she
may say to
you: "You are
my own good

boy. For me
there's no choice:
no other
boy will do."