Nathalie Quintane--from Shoes, p.10

The shoes of Imelda Marcos take the place of trains, oceanliners, supersonic jets.

Returning to her country, Imelda Marcos asks: where were her shoes? Where could they have gotten to? What have you done with them? What have they become?

Each morning, Imelda Marcos says to herself--which of all these to wear?

Each evening, Imelda Marcos exposes her shoes to the rays of the setting sun--so that they'll have the power to take me to the ends of the world.

Certain shoes of Imelda Marcos would be quite suitable as hats.

Imelda Marcos changes shoes upon leaving the table.

It's cat grease that's used to polish them.

Imelda Marcos falls asleep wearing slippers. Sometimes during the night, a slipper is lost at the foot of her bed. She discovers a naked foot in the morning.

Whe a shoe tips over after being taken off, Imelda immediately sets it upright.

Imelda Marcos cries when she loses her mauve escarpins.

Imelda Marcos has a collection of shoehorns in antler, mahogany, lapis-lazuli, ivory and ebony.