Philippe Beck, p.1


Always more dense celebrity
in our special way of being wrapped
in salt, unknown placard (through a temperate eyelet),
concrete, though silhouette
contoured by way of clear beginnings,
and always more appetite or special effect:
to be a door to the salon
The door to a salon full of glasses,
Of flourishes, numerals, forward steps, unexceptional
Neglect of serving appetite
to be each time a salon
without tapestry, a future salon
of dense celebrities,
listened to, salty, marine.
Solid friendship
taken away a chaperone of lead,
exact and panther-eaten Eden
In the book and volume of the family brain,
chance to work the poplar
seems to dim
(Or to be, for some, one single verse the only)

Combination of rocks, shrubs and aromatic bushes,
salt perfume of sledding families,
conversant babies, of spouses;
soft cement-mixers at the door to the office
sport. Or: of serious density on the landing,
wall and garden.
Grass upon gloves.
Cable effect, no:
effect of cable.

Without violence along a bias
the eyes enter a bundle of sticks and make out.