Hocquard or Valéry, p.1


2 + 2 rolling in the hay
3 yellow lighters + 1 orange = 4
or 4 full moons under
the tree in verse: covers 2

8 + 4 = 12
6 steps into the moony grass
6 feet (the photographer and chair)
bending the grass toward the moon

G glistening in the rearview mirror
blond wisteria
stroking the neck
to right the red tractor
to the left of the Red Tractor
Animal of the Day
the Labrador-in-its-Airy-Chamber

to maneuver the boat
without swerving past the fold

Are you getting hot? Are you turned on?
Took the Austin to get
the tart-dough in Nabinaud
Returning by moonlight
a lamp disguised as a lighthouse

—Poor little bell!