Marie Borel, p.4

When an intuition is beautiful, it’s by the same token right. Ocean liners don’t go up the elevator. Water in a glass, held a ways off, trembles. A kilo of blue is bluer than half a kilo. There are techniques for fighting against perverse thoughts. It’s an error to suppose that thoughts come out of the brain—thoughts come out of the Caspian Sea. (Migraine? Not migraine?) So I came into this house, I leaned out of the window, the corpse was taken away, leaving the meadow empty. As for him, he was persuaded that if you considered yourself dead, the worst was over. Germany is an old country tremendously adept in matters of bolts, chains, padlocks, handcuffs, and bicycle handlebars. She was reading entire treatises of hopeless philosophy and obscure theology. I interrupted her in her narcissistic maunderings. What does a door accomplish if it only opens onto a door? Her lips brimmed with pitiless judgement and an expressive pout. This bespeaks a phantom. A conversation light and biodegradable. Only by chance do killer and killed coincide in the same person. Music is something that can abandon you if you don’t watch out. No.

We’re interested in music. Do you know the state of Catatonia?