Luisa Giugliano, p.8


Friends never come over in ordinary ways
everything remains formal and in the bright light of safety.

Please share a kind of shade or trade locks and keys.
Please hold my hips, all of them


A lock and its keeper are not female. They are two men. Exactly the same.
     In every way.

  obvious lungs
  pituitary sides
  soft side body
  not shy enough to be unkind, withholding and selfish.

An order to operate, to make composite faces. Bird beak, masculine nose,
     Bird beak, feminine nose.

I’ve arranged the photos of your mouth speaking into a flip book.

I have a recording of your answer to the animals in a whisper. You returned
     their solitary blink as a language.

I keep adding things to the window sill to attract her like a camp robber.
Which is a bird about my height and weight.