Anne Waldman, p.1


          a bind the trap the
tollbooth her death's
    hand on mine

                a mistake of
proper nomenclature
                a hand entwines,
go easy

brine, a toast to idiot savants
slime I tired to be but under &
crept out of, my life! pride go easy

ifs, buts, whens, wheres, okays,
lobotomies, signals of code

you are coded inbetween all lines

the red flag go easy
or blue (easier)
white, easiest yet?
the ornery one,
all sailors at bay
& we are waiting to be whistled at
we are ladies at the turning point

Gem Spa, I see you're a current in the
summer of 1967

I love intensity of

I love you because
you are
the one who says I see, I see

& you give all doubts
to be benefited of

outrageous never

& on my forehead nowhere hidden
you see "BERNADETTE" you see "WANDER"

the lovers, the jolts, drugs, a way not taken
"LUST"? you see "LUST"?

spurned, she is all of these clairvoyants

& sure of past 20th century rushes
is never reasonable

conquer: what?
fuck: what?
all's dearth & loneliness

wanted to be beautiful for you
but they die
keep dying
& leave the palace unattended

gone into darkness, gone beyond

words burn in her void

inside old hag-seer's
antique crucible.