Anselm Berrigan, p.1


What I thought was a headless bird was really a bodyless leg

The other day I killed ten thousand Philistines with the jawbone of
a daffodil

There's no room in my life for a sign

I stepped inside a flying saucer & abducted an alien

It was a tedious experience

Left an opinion in another man's shirt that night

The voices I hear politely make space for each other

I took off the west & put on the slightly less west

Keeping a rendezvouz with the passout

Mom shuts her eyes & sees pterodactyls

Neither keen naturalist nor general reader am I fine fringes &
velvety pile

There is always an animal giving grateful thanks

For my own strength would never suffice unaided by strength out of dark

A rock, I mean, has content

Burning the mouth splendidly

I had never before seen blood in his hands except in the teaming seas

Wherever I go a host of wild & not so wild life tags on behind

A few degrees of tilt to make the view pretty

The forest owlet seems to have disappeared from the habitat where it
had always been rare

Three hundred bodies from the commune in the artificial lake

My confidants include the falling apart coat & the untied boot

With respect & love I got lost leaving your apartment

Suddenly lizards had feathers & I left my room & happily nothing

Fight the bar downstairs

To sneeze in a vacuum & fuck off at work

A pixel with meaning

Is it a mirage I want to reject or is something too painfully happening

A present or baffled weather & theoretical jealousy

Being being not careful or be more things

I read all their works, I read all yours too

There will never be any more suspicion than there is now

I'll never have to breathe in you more than I do now

He woke up happy having never really slept

& borrowed a couple thousand from the first available human

As a theory I was always on the verge

As a cheeseburger I was prepared

I began in a failed society

According to several private polls

I can occasionally unscrew something

This poem is a substitute for my arms

Anyone has a part of the body that generates more heat than all
the rest

Texas never whispers

Accused by the landlord of taking unruly showers

The ATM machine asked "can you continue?"

& I said "yes I can" because it's the only thing to do

As insignificant a dissolution as I could cherish

I apologize for being so mean in your dream

I heard voice-mail messages in my dream

Sweet pea speak to me

Then lies my house upon my nose

There's a softness to refusing all of you in yours & me in mine

My a purty outhouse

If it's explainable it can't be a miracle but I can't explain anything
so everything's a miracle

I blew the president I didn't inhale

Never again the horseface, never again the dew

Success is the lowest art

There are cameras in the branches but the trees are the dealers