Brandon Downing, p.3


“I got you, you can’t be insipid, you can’t be, or wrongful, listens, makes you, or here, out to the planets, only, here go pleasant, to get wrongful, what, here you wasted, you maybe, you faster, now insipid, you can’t clear, or it’s strange, it’s straight something, when you, planets, wrongful for you, wrongful here, the insipid planets, you listen, when it’s pleasant, wrongful planets, here it’s strange, maybe clear, it’s wrong, can’t listen…”

“Rooms, when they’re mixing out, and you clear, maybe with them, something, easy, clear and eaten, having what’s new, mixing the rooms, what’s there, pleasant automobiles, your when, and straight out, make them, something wrongful, when blind, here, straight planets… Where were you, maybe listens, new rooms, having you out, now wrongful, you, planets,”