Clark Coolidge, p.1


The Mad Poet of Semina dies then flourishes long during
the reign of the Omnipedes
The death of everything that has been written now sealed
then an opening gained at the Base of Sardinia
The Secrets of Circulation are revealed to Camelohippus
priest of a substantial stone necrology
(his followers in need of stamps)
The Baron L’Exam de la Poor massacred in a limousine
(driver complaining of cramps)
The Torches of Abulafia are stained for the last time
(accordion through corn halls)
One black German letter is added to the Greek alphabet
Burnt by a hatchet Theodore the Philter applies Mercurochrome
The god that cursed the sedanchair drivers of Mo
was only twenty years old
Worms in all the black letters, corn in the Spanish longboats
Gentleman Luca in a world of charging buffalo
prints records in the Great Ravine (Mo)
Condemned to a baffled death (entombed in Large)
you should imbibe sal ammoniac
It’s an Ixtian tragedy, hideous that totally unexplained
nature strikes
An exhomey stalks Cop’s Hill (Traxbury) and there are no fish
at river’s edge
A boring terrier ducks the dictums at Driver’s Ledge
Would you shun the mere seven miles it takes to get to town?
Did the Black Man judge the woods? Did Burroughs put
that nightie on the devil?
There is strange talk at night as an old man dies
within sight of his own slate slab
Let’s build a thatch bridge to the Exact Burial Ground
grown visibly old on some wan hill (monkey see)
(the birth of a bridge will soon abate)
It’s memorable, an owner of the best scientific leanings
and his squad of imps
The Inexplicable Birth with dissimilar eyes
See the fat old sheriff’s wig fall off amongst the cabled tons
and their enabling cries
The assemblage sickness occurs on Tempest Mountain
before the mouths of agers as Ezra’s Puppet nears the madhouse
Is it lidded placement? That spring box contains a
sinister obscurity (I know it when I see it)
Where animal bones are washed to light, deep gullies
will roll (a sharp eye grows worn)
Great Egypt is brought to Providence, belongs exclusively to Providence
A plunging white thing or sinking farmhouse door?
Tall elms on shapeless heaps, a tar and gum tragacanth
that leads to madness, stone and brickwork that sparks
A Basil Rathbone unaccountably lacking in blood
Later the mill falls and a great gale dries
The Death of an old floater
An absence of lights noticed by squatters (Sodality of Moses)
Are those nameless cults glaring glassily and attempting
to bite at all times all things?
Wife with throat at riot
Bloody second wife nobody sees
Then Starrytown is wiped out by a vulgar dancer, pardon
given to the sound of stories
A series of anemia deaths practiced like incisions in a neck
full of iodine
Leaves running away from the front
People don’t talk much about veiled articles
Church clothes sumptuous but hideous among the stuck
A museum’s sail to fly unmarked from the grave of
Nefarious Peck
Now the Delvers will no longer dig
A great Rock occurs to Woodcock in his Shadow Hill bag
Hushed in Orchard Light the staggers in an attic room
Here was the water that had never come back
A hidden cache of wild yarn shoved far into the Mound Region
A chilling cactus for openers
In the bluesky of a narrator a copper flashlight empties
rain on the calcites of the Morton Mine
Copious knockers that led to laughter and minor cloggings
A lower and lower scratching that leads to the belly (a library)
Mixed clays quiet in the small hours, all shards in the black
Death of the Third Man who dined out so well (coot)
And it is good to part with all deliberations overshadowed
by a room, one that befits one
Queer Amnesia before long of which a specimen does not come
All legal eyes upon him (Buck Peasley) as he begins to squeak
Kid comes to shunned spot, gazes at short white figure
whining in a cellar
And it’s night on the unknown deserts of Lemuria
Letter from a stuffed goddess, interest flagging
A prehuman ship at any rate he comes up to what is
left of it (poorboy)
A housekeeper dismissed until a masklike face begins to show
Unclothed gossips stalk unassisted, mildly interested,
commence to talk until shut
The boxed object, a lamp until noon, begins to show signs
of direction (mumps)
The Bucket Packet rolls faded into a commonplace cold
field swell
Akeley makes a record near the closed mouth of a cave
(he feels he must do something)
Bodily existence begins to fascinate Peasley in increasing October
Bursts of flame from the summit, an object ascends the mound
Disappearance of a Bush Cutter, see you?
Latent torpedo found in a seaman’s body
and the entrant is instantly killed
A U-boat sights a horseshit in its own lake of dreams
The masked ball you know I mean
One Ed Clay mocks his own surrender and there are teas
A dense flock of colored life remains afloat
sends a powerful beam of clacking mud
An ancient river needs more materials
The maimed invalid shows unusual zest for his junior year though
tormented by total thought
Deposits destroyed his portable membrane and the German
was found to be diminished in spunk, perished in nudity
The Mystery of the Temple Waxes is still more needed
(an iron will)
Have you ever looked up the intricate longitude of a
folding field compact?
Shunned and invisible in the mustards of darkness it all
opens out
Workmen overbearing as the ancestor behind the mantel
Hit that key and you might never come to the surface again
Seeking books Harry Earthlight retreats to the vaults of
Huntington Cipher
It is worthless to pursue an archive that smells (a round pound)
The hardboiled Clay Boys got directly to the mound (ward heelers)
A lantern that casts a shadow of hand-tempered onyx is
thrust into the fire
A gift of maple cones for an amiable young man (Sammy)
The last sign of carpentry gone out of this century
Incredible field mice stirred by potable dreams (oil)
It is hardly likely that President Harding died before
a powerful searchlight had been bolted to the sub-cellar floor
Rare glimpse of epileptic fit caused by electric disc
There is a very long chant which will bring a very aged man
some very curious information (soggy)
A sudden blast of the occult has cleared Auckland
The thin dark young man thrown widely south by a
newly-cast delirium thrives
In a clogged bas-relief of Monster Ocean blemishes gleam
One cloudy morning Robert Jetson vanishes after a
bang-up spring
Mamie Wilson is accused of the fear of screaming after which
a twisted albino is never heard from again
Late in the afternoon a burst of neighborhood notes
Due to the butler’s present something unholy in Falseward gets fixed
The Steam Thing enters Oberlin for its final year
A flood of unprecedented warmth diminishes with attendant
vampirism (coffins on leashes)
If the angles of a small motor are not adhered to
driving down Broad Street will require careful diving
The nebulous blur of a mouse grows more and more dependent
(skins of Scarborough)
Cracker Jacks of curious but frequently sordid intent
(stay indoors with your road thoughts)
Doctor Willie thinks that the number 157 will never be
entirely comprehended
A bent old woman pays a momentous youth a further deep call
The furry little thing that resulted from his sleepwalking
on Conanicut Island (a bungalow with beds upstairs)
Fresh rat formed up in the dayroom (the students cut classes and drown)
With summer the dust comes to eat Curt’s heart out
(I have seen the steam)
The Battle of the Bethlehem is fought on a Lincoln Log bridge with tins
Akeley spent an entirety learning Cleveland
That fly outside the farm was later found on the Number 3 Train
Evidence of a black stone in the woods at the point where
the highways run deep
Bullets fly, great dogs are found, Willie has a relapse
(a trunk laid in his path)
Then everything gave way and a barrier lit on the roof
(lantern in a complex key)
Only to summon the brain in its calmer moments
A barking muffled lapping swish from the registrar
and the rest of the leg is raised
A peculiar stretch of road which can not be left quietly
A quaint crudeness crosses the Arctic Circle
The next day the cones of Mrs. Erebus snapped
and a strong “land blink” was extended
Swami Chatraputundra the snow-clad mountain man
had opened the cones of Mrs. Exodus (stay tamed)
In certain claspstones the cones were chiseled and then
dynamited after having been found boring
Slate or “Lake” radios were found still working underground
Bunny Radiata comes to pass to call upon the seven dogs
of an unknown nature (up on the roof with Orrendorf)
Possibly vegetable was the tragedy sprung from a wireless plan
(“glue the plan to the peak then return with the food”)
Awake to what makes the sound in all your laps, Bootscrap Foundlings
A grave chemistry loomed westward into the SubArctic Chill
(Artie Anton troubled to the quick)
A trebled piping thanks to Time and Heaven (the sound of your lens)
The crumbling chaos of a brick canoe commences
Did you learn of that pillar in the photographic columns?
(smothered in a couch he simpered)
This darkness seems to have grown into the shingles
Do you wish to purchase a novelist/occultist named
Swami Chincompuda? (see the mouth of an unnatural kitten)
A careless squareface surprises every mystic in town (groan)
This decadent college breaks through into the floor beneath
(see Mister Boston for photograms)
It’s a terrible ride to the front door on personality alone
Police squeals and pundit hammerings finally stop the mummy’s eyes
Stark stabbed in the process of dying, Peasley shook free
and died of bungler failure (flotsam derrydo)
Articles sent from Sandy Depot turn to gold on arrival (Sandy Brim)
There is nothing but wheezing once the museum is made ready
A fire can never be shaken free
Blake makes his first eon from buried blocks
The Party of the First Halt sees that the text has come
to a halt (Hall of Silence)
There is horror, there is curiosity, then there is the
illusion of memory (also the condition of soot)
Hatless scratched and without his torch, Vulgate sinks
into Bunkum Camp (fungoid segments missing)
The S.S. Steamer breaks for Centralpool
Two remarkable fireballs are ordered by telephone
(sails to follow)
The signs go out over any further entry
(“meatslap help me!”)
Signed, the Cast Iron Sentry
(the Mysterious Babies have come home)