Drew Gardner, p.1


you can always just take a quantum theory out to the back of the shed
and put it into chapter 11.

will set you on fire
only the ashes left behind

automobile of comparison
deranged… trying to open the delivery truck door

the fire had possession of the building
which is no connection which does not dissolve or change in time

I feel a part of me disconnecting from the myself…
as a sickness drifts towards me absentmindedly

what we live, if you can, flawed train, whole miles of year,
a part of sadness is part substance,
more then quench I can no way heaviness waterfall stopping on a bluff

the voice says more in its tone than it ever can in words
and if nothing comes of it, do it anyway!

bright glare of light from the station wagon’s paint job
trying to say something
please remove your headgear…

the vines crawling up the surface of the sun
to not play anything
your attention becomes the agency of creation

like the time the seal got sick on stage…
right about now things began to change

a mound of rotting flowers
so noise disinherits the storm

thinks to preserves the wound
that time wouldn’t look at

we played in the apology
to leave home as if to call out
don’t leave the proofs
infusing a manner of wedding
already better than the entire song

don’t transcend the sound of being unheard in the collapse

to be love,
don’t eternity
don’t resound

the jacket in the gush today
to wonder if the fabric watches
what will become of returning

if I know the iron as usual
down the street
by confrontation immersed in its function
of barely ready

I would veneer with an echo

facing the margin with ample pleasure

to multiply to the touch
the sheer absent tone
had just finished dying

behind the monotonous mixture
she has embraced a quavering sun

in mid-flight, uncertainly
while I was sweeping the fabricated earth
so the ripe degeneration bears conscience free animal!

a wage of unexpected sunlight between
the colorless banners
should have just closed up shop
burning clay
to the point of inevitable yield

if you were here, you would reach for the mediating slope
between this invalid majority
by stunning the skyless living fall
as soon as uproar has adored the difference

shows off the correction in the overflow
then we rush to meet the other side
striking the bakery
of you divided into us

hoists whatever crumb will not exist
in the newly born

so the earth gave it the edge of a negative hand
without Americanizing the spasm of treble

such blank round-up
when the undoing knot of years
dismembered milk
in the middle of come or go

coat, bottle, star, staircase

paint, street light, flyer, asphalt, water, eyes

mailbox, hallway, drawing, key, good-bye

facing memory
I’m afraid of the gift of altered nothing
by flying bridges

constrained the stream of actuality
as a blond skeleton
was going to eat the tables

the limit broken by quick, connecting fraction
the sweet, ridicules point between
the day and the pulse

menacing, innermost

I want you, tender nothing