James Schuyler, p.3


"Drinking a morning cup of coffee is one of the pleasures of peace,"
I thought as I drank my morning cup of coffee while reading
          "The pleasures of Peace."
"It is also one of the pleasures of war," hinted a still small voice.
"A what kind of voice?" Oh all right a small voice from a still.
(in truth, a white coffee biggin in which I infuse morning coffee
"You evade the issue," kindly stated S.A. Schonbrunn & Co. of Palisades,
"A morning cup of coffee is a pleasure of peace
which will also prove savorful in time of war."
"In other words what you are saying," clattered Miss (1 lb.) Yuban
          peering yellowly into her cup,
"is that there are also pleasures of war."
"By no means," affirmed the Marzo Maggio Medal on the Gold Medal
          coffee can.
"Coffee--black Italian roast by preference--is all things: stimulant,
          anodyne, palliative.
It drives the husbandman to work and mends the homely housewife's
          busted TV set in time for 'Edge of Night.'
It speeds the Avon Representative with a kindly word.
It irons the cat's pajamas.
It collects old labels which it sends to friends and other shut-ins.
In one cup of it lie all the colors that ever were, blending in searing
It gives the soldier strength to fight--
"Ha!" and "Alack," I cried, and started from me wooden chair.
"Off, fancies, off! Vain 'maginings, begone!
No more to the biggin will I hie
but take these frittered pence--see, there's this, & this, & this--
          e'en with them buy
a samovar, whereof whose amber fluent flux, though it cheers not,
          nor yet inebriates
Night's phantasms--maychance begot of the gorgonzola-faced and
          fruitless moon--in the dawn flaunt. Yet
stay. I'll once more to the liquorice spring and sip, or, hap'ly--
should the god-lurched and enspruced nix so deem--gulp
a cup o' the morning, its blackness lightened to a passing tan
by a little something out of this gallon carton (Covered By One Or More
          U.S. Patents 3,116,002, 3,120,333, 3,120,335 Other Patent
          Protection Pending)
of Wight's Dairy pasteurized homogenized vitamin D milk
Bucksport, Maine          *          Tel. 469-3239
and lace it liberally and well with Sailor's Warning.

10 August 1965