Christine Hume, p.3


Degrees must repeat themselves
        for anyone to believe
                bloated ornaments of bees
suspended outside us, whistling
        botches on Bergen Street,
                whole listings of bickers
that skirt the dead thing
        for empties among the rocks--
                vagrancies of one thought
become frenzy, come to
        a closing down, woken in sun
                to show them we have nothing
in our sky but your radii
        bannering exhaust; wrong
                is the flat place we're all
for, we grow larger: you stand
        on a double bridge drunk deep
                in the boneless of periplus once

1. repeat]disclose
2. anyone]you
6. bickers]leavings
7. skirt the dead thing]hang dead things
10. frenzy]for good]good for/closing down
11. in]to
13. our sky]those laddering filaments
18. boneless]wild parrots