Brendan Lorber, p.1


I’m transcended by the world & almost fell
for someone      Right to wisdom
Skip the 80 years to get there

There is the music we can make
& music we need to make
& music that makes us

I’m not anyone in any room
But we all listen      The room speaks:
Want to know a secret? Promise?
We’re a little rock & I’m a little you

It’s too cold a night for tickets
but the city’s too limited to fit
in my pocket so I’m a little
anyone with a violation in theirs

Is the city possible without music
& minor offenses      I imagined

next year devoid of special calling plans
of bleak samsara forecasts & little
deaths without the 80 years to get there

I never listened to music when
I was little & so I was never little
Keep my options open with cash
in the juke but no buttons pressed

Our Love is Here to Stay was
my first our song       & it wasn’t

I’ve converted received wisdom
about you & your plans have me
converted to tablature

The revolution already reactionary
if conceived prior to the revolution

I forgot my horoscope     It wasn’t very
good    Money   p-   p- money problems
You know            Ca-     Ca-Ching