James Tate, p.3


     The child’s left eyelid wouldn’t open,
so we captured some urine from an old goat
and froze it into a small cube. Then we held
the cube on the eyelid for twenty-three minutes
and sure enough it was cured. Shortly after
that the goat died, but we see no connection,
it seemed to be natural causes. The child
always was strange and nothing could change
that. We tried sending him to military school,
but that was a mistake. The last thing he
needed was more strategies for winning wars.
And besides that he was kicked out for firing
his rifle almost constantly. We even hired
a lion tamer and, while he did teach him to
leap through a hoop of fire, the tamer quit
after two weeks, suffering badly from a number
of scratches. We brought in a swami and he
observed Stanley, our son, for several days
before declaring Stanley the Messiah. We
started looking at Stanley in a new way, and
the sad part is, we agree that he may just
be the Messiah, but we don’t like him.