Marcella Durand, p.1


Though liquid, Mercury, you present as small impassable
matter that, first and electric orbit, in form of resembling
sphere, you only resemble and not needing, present no passage.
Your base is elusive, mistakable, and never musical.
Filled with nominal want you are available to be named
and named so that held in hand warmed and presenting
obstacle. You, obstacle, though liquid, present yourself,
unnamed and filled with words, near the horizon shining,
through unsteady atmosphere, unviewable, small
and refracted, liquid you present no presence yet
impassable, still matter, held in hand, warm and glowing
on horizon, possible that we’ve never seen you,
no detail in small eccentric presence matter,
named yourself and first in line, the first to see, and invisible
yet present in obstacle matter held in hand unviewable.