Albert Mobilio, p.2

house holds)

Big deal. Pillow sale for them. How they tied up, rode groovy
into Bitetown. Vroom, vroom. Such miracle love as.     Notes,
    kickbacks, &

    disturb: ing lubrication.     It's funny now in retro but when we

where in it, right in it, we Felt squeezed. Did you? Or does you
only do luv & kisses?     We got tasty tablets to take

upon this rock with sending sky.
Returning world.     oh, yeah. Could be big, should coughing Round
    us out. I'm living within my flaking

paintjob's room     yet still Clue and covet a Greyhound zone.

fainted come)

Come sound. Sped up thru twisted slides. My joke, your Works,
your Days. They are so much warmer, particular

and rung.       Your secessionists restored me. From a sunken standoff
where the arrows, pikes, nails

bloodied the air.     Dear, dear. How null the non has
    gotten since I kept. A lovely old.     Our lonesome, roaring bone.