Albert Mobilio, p.3

the slang)

The conversation turns. Famished and wishing, I'm willing to give it
a few weeks. Call me semi-
estranged.        Or eat half & toss the rest.

He's typical. So's me too. Insofar as book-length, boldfaced
excitation goes. My Episode went off

without a hitch.        They clubbed the start, of please begin.
And now who's got the poetry Power?     To do

what needs to be done.     When the phone is bitter
as it is held.        As no position I'm in    to complain about
getting frisked by baby's finger Toys.

more plot)

Smash beds and smash the chalice lore. Sweet del Debbie sew.n like
    a flag
on my teenage scene. The second

she's back, we dress.     What else
can the mower mow down now? That evening

got all drawed over with Crayons, leaving me
    the news that, hey, the        shelter slice is Ready.