Albert Mobilio, p.5

a camera bathes)

An audience craving variety. Craved brackish drink. And the best
of the bad. You see, they wanted the Low-down
on the verbal,     maybe the medieval, who. Knows.     But this ding-dong

daddy is Said to be from dumas. He says we size to fit.

My globe tucked between the halves. Shit weather for
the Girlgang spectacular. Why did we headlong clash? All our
skin, another detonation once     we uncovered the switch.

Oh mr. mercury you have steeped me in your house.

my gown)

Is it true. Is this true. The way this is. It's uncut & cruelly
brought around. The idea of re-building gains.     Additional

fans. Tony Curtis as Iago in Othello: Black Commando
He's my tool, my sketch. Gone since.        I don't smoke such things
anymore. Just fibrilla.tion. But only     enough to quit.

My lungful, my idolatries. Souls
    harvested & shouldered:      mere medical manipulation.