Tony Lopez, p.2

This application form should be accompanied
By voice-mail and personal calls. Fair Athena,
It’s easier if we don’t see one another
And fold back separate pages. Each syllable
Proved difficult to unravel. These exist
For first and second persons only, and agree
Like adjectives. A moment white then melts forever:
It’s your natural charisma that should shine through
Not your face. We did not pull down the city
Nor the city walls, for the goddess saved us.
Forget lip gloss, discover our new creation
Without expensive research. I had in my hand
A small engraving of orbital space junk,
Caviar blinis, a cigar owned by Churchill.

Trade in seahorses makes speech melt away
Like metallic paint, face down in the snow.
Volunteer stewards are needed. Beat to beat
fluctuations from healthy hearts. Permanent black
In the path of electron tunnelling. Who knows?
Low maintenance, the ultimate beauty
Principle. A dead region of tissue
Sits on six hydraulic legs in all-day colour
More radiant with every use. You need tangibles.
You need new sources of sustained revenue
Even if you’re red-shy. When a white dwarf
Swallows gas, time increases from left to right:
Patch it into any existing submarine cable
With a live video feed. A slow business.