Tony Lopez, p.3

City vending invites you to refresh yourself
With a fresh-brewed 3D simulator package
That clamps over the shoulder. By knowing size
And age at maturity, you can do hand-held:
You can split chaos from pure noise or fold it back in.
Target species caught at sea by hand or in nets,
Lost to medicine forever. A new shipment
Requires its own newsletter to be set up
In woven nomadic colours. No longer feeds.
Soon we could all be eating it. Knowledge hunger
A sudden decline in muscle cells. Wet data
Always begins with some injury or need.
Narrative formats persist in our wet brains,
Extraterrestrial garbage. No longer breeds.

I looked up and saw big jet trails crossed in the sky
Evening light, smoke blowing across the stadium:
They told me, Heracleitus, you were dead.
I heard the attenuation of sound
Moving through the sample, this can also be
Retrofitted. They brought me bitter news to hear
And bitter tears to shed. The origin
Of this complexity has long been forgotten.
The article is not used with the predicate
And there is a new national mainline map.
This latest edition details more services.
The English words are not exactly as given
In the vocabulary; think of synonyms.
They are chasing sailors into the market-place.