Tony Lopez, p.4

To the human eye, which cannot detect UV
That mental country is expected to decline
When compared with our thematic growth package.
War was unknown. Consumer groups approved
The packaged products and services of
Arethusa, who is the source of this sample.
The world is turning into information,
Store in an upright position. London ivy
The natural and delicious alternative
Sits awkwardly on screen. Asian tigers
Fail to bounce back for the demise of inflation.
Trainer and jockey in the best of form
Who wander into the Arcadian sunlight
Found in direct speech. One trillion bits per second.

Nothing works like repression in fixed circuits
To carry signals to the heart. Enjoys music,
Gardening, cinema, seeks funny male
Who must be genuine. Unlimited access,
Staggered vesting facilities, spin resonance
Left on the verge. The next crash in Tom-all-Alone’s
May perpetuate the notion of brevity
But not always in pentameter. A final
Brief chapter. No mention of another fix.
We’re launching plain vanilla funds no longer
Relax and feel the benefit. Well strung-out,
A stream which flowed underground for many years
Revealing the personality. No pine trees
Were felled to make keels. No walls surrounded cities.