Jean-Michel Espitallier, p.1

Monsieur Pinchon has made
two devices

The diagometer. It is made of a small dry galvanic battery, called diagometer. One of its metallic conductive wires is plugged into a tiny capsule which is connected to the pivot of a magnetic needle, while the end of its other wire, set into a pewter contact, itself mounted in a porcelain ball, is connected to the ground (take a deep breath). Supported by the diagometer’s pins, the tall arm goes through a cork fixed by pliers powered by three rows of battery clamps under the diagometer’s cover which is equipped with two springs (understood?).

The cylinder drum. It is operated by an endless, a truly endless chain, the cylinder drum in which the clothes are placed, I mean washed, the clothes washing the cylinder drum; water enters on one side and goes out on the other side, pitilessly draining the discharged matter by the sieve, with force, I mean with power, relentlessly, such is the cylinder drum. One should make sure to connect a loose pulley to the set control pulley in order to be able to check the movement of the agitator, as required and with force, I mean a loose pulley with the set pulley in order to check to make sure to set yourself loose to control check the cylinder drum forcefully I mean relentlessly the drum loose pulley with set cylinder control in order to check I mean the cylinder with loose power check the drum agitator. The inner part of the device is equipped with disks in which very small holes have been pierced, very very small holes which are then connected with grooves made in the inner walls of the clarificator the cylinder drum.

About the clarificator? What I mean is this device within the device that really has no end?
Come on, everybody knows that, the cylinder drum!

Strongly pushing these inner walls together, the disks are tightened, so strongly tightened by their circumference into these grooves, which makes for quite a tight-fitting enclosure, the cylinder drum, yes quite a snug-fit, that’s it everybody knows that.
Between those two disks lie the power forces.
Water comes in on one side and goes out on the other side.
On one side comes out from the other side
Comes out from the other side from there.


On the machines’ organs
The action of sweet heat
On the machines’ organs
A current of steam

On the machines’ organs (bis)
A kind of dirty grease
Like a big radiator.