Jean-Michel Espitallier, p.2

Monsieur Collier has invented
(dangerous devices)

1. one ixometer (first carefully examined)
2. a thermal aerometer (its color is pink like peach tree flowers,
     a reddish brown,a brick red, a golden yellow, a dark green like
     meadow grass, a dirty white
3. A cervisiometer (barely visible)
4. An elaiometer (still being shaped or half shaped)
5. An oleorefractometer (which gave rise to an important trade)
6. A centesimal alcoometer (daily use if possible)
7. A filter with frames (set aside and sold)
8. An oleometer for cold temperatures (freeze-resistant)
9. An elaio-pachometer (adapted to certain types of research)
10. A milling pump with plates (which sustains the action of the
     untreated products
11. A precise densimeter (which shows extreme regularity)
12. An oleometer for warm temperatures (not to be lended)
13. A siphon barometer (obtained by saving up your money and using
     static electricity
14. An autometric oil applicator (top notch)
15. A press-filter on wheels (lost during the experiments)

And of course, there is the diagometer (whose pressure rises rather quickly)