Albert Mobilio, p.1

me With animal towering

so go)

So go cremator. And hobnobing nobs thusly.     These Flight
removals, they're clanish. They took to me
like whatever takes to water. While: we remaining were

bumped from how, then simply said the mind     Falls back.
    falls otherward, then     looses its tune.


Not enough shut-eye makes pater bald by Towel light. Nearly sifted who from him? OK, it's just     some presence

on a good Wood floor which fades. I'm with you on this One
because others I've missed & miss me they do too. Like supper, left on

the little oblong dish.     The mercy's mild that way,

guzzling Waves then groans. Our panacea.     Playing the
police as they pull up a chair, and wonder Which.     & wonder with.