Germ #6/7

Poetic Research Bloc #6/7 — Fall/Winter 2005
ISSN 1093-6610 / $10.00 / $10.00



Jean-Michel ESPITALLIER: Civil War / Sounds of Battle / Espitallier's Theorem
(translation by Andrew Maxwell)

Monica SARSINI: from More Animals
(translation by M. de Julio)

Nathalie QUINTANE: Comrades

Eugene OSTASHEVSKY: DJ Spinoza Fights Joseph Bédier / DJ Spinoza's Disputation with the Doctors / Clouds Move over DJ Spinoza / The Ethics of DJ Spinoza / DJ Spinoza Fights Che Bourashka / DJ Spinoza Fights the Begriffon

Paulo LEMINSKI: from Caprichos e Relaxos
(translation by Macgregor Card & Patrícia Soldati)

Régis BONVICINO: The Alley of Intent / Song (7) / Song (4) / Fourth Poem (Densely Canine Jerk) / from Etc.
(translation by Macgregor Card & Patrícia Soldati)

Brandon DOWNING: Stairway to Heaven (1946) / The Red Shoes (1948)

John ASHBERY: Under Cellophane / Three Philosophers / Echolalia Rag

Michael GUSHUE: Meeting the British at the Musée des Beaux Arts / Historia

Monica DE LA TORRE: Golfers in the Family / How to Be Well Dressed: An Intervention

Matthew ROMAINE: from The Rhode Island Popular Poems Project

Jacques DEBROT: The Thinking Man's John Ashbery / Womb, Yes; Tomb, No / Creation Science / Portrait Disturbed / Nouns in the News / Get Adult Help / Sunny Green Cemetery / Night Roof Farm / Second Helping

Brendan LORBER: Today's Best Music / 30 Bears in 30 Parkas / Cordless Lunch

Joanna FUHRMAN: Stable-Self Blues / Means of Entry

Jack COLLOM: My Life

Eileen MYLES: [Untitled] / Pop / Cat

Dallas WIEBE: Listening to Wagner's Liebstod / Thinking With Rabbits / Don't Pick Up That Skull / It's Nature, You Know / Get 'em While They're Hot / Comfort Ye, My People

Alan GILBERT: Hard Knock Life / The Institute of Further Studies

James TATE: The Spy Game / In Search of / A Cyclops Would Have Been Better / It Happens Like This / Lost River / Brittle Family Photographs

Mark YAKICH: Come Back My Daughter from the Green Fjords / Human Resources / Gentle Reader / A Cocktail Party Probably Succeeds as the Size of the Room Relates Inversely to the Number of Guests

Caroline CRUMPACKER: To the Editor / Introduction to My Work

Charles NORTH: Cadenza

OBERIU | chinars | Russian Absurdism

Yakov DRUSKIN: On Vvedensky
(translation by Eugene Ostashevsky)
Aleksandr VVEDENSKY: [I regret that I'm not a Beast] / Frother
(translations by Eugene Ostashevsky and Matvei Yankelevich)
Daniil KHARMS: [Before coming to see you] / The Ewe / {Anton Antonovich shaved off his beard] / Kolpakov, Braggart / Death of a Little Old Man / Maltonius Olbren / Incidences / Blue Notebook #10 / The Lynching
(translations by Eugene Ostashevsky, Roman Turovsky & Matvei Yankelevich)
Nikolai ZABOLOTSKY: Art / The Test of the Will
(translations by Eugene Ostashevsky and Roman Turovsky)
Nikolai OLEINIKOV: To a Lady, Unwilling to Renounce the Consumption of Meat from Cherkassy / The Fly
(translation by Eugene Ostashevsky)

Damien SEARLS: Accidence

Mark MCMORRIS: The History of English Literature

Elspeth HEALEY: A History of the English Language

Daniel TIFFANY: Lux Aeterna / Hard Nicknamey System / Off / Spy and Beauty Treatment



Sydney DOBELL: from The Duties of an English Foreign Secretary, 1852 / [To Dr. Samuel Brown], 1851 / Wind, 1856

Ange MLINKO: The Intrigues / Romance

Paul POISSEL: from Les Faits d'hiver / The Facts of Winter
(translation by Paul Lafarge)

Lyn HEJINIAN: from The Unfollowed

Aaron KUNIN: Knowledge Blobs

Michael SCHARF: The Lecture / Lament for Adler / Recording Over / Snow

Chris STROFFOLINO: Inner Cone & Ant / Mock On, Mock On, Jakobson, Lacan / Giving Way / History, from How to Who / To a Contemporary

Paul VANGELISTI: Plain Old Bartok / Care / Pardon My French / Country / Eastwind

Tom DEVANEY: Animated Folkies / Origami Headphones / A Free-for-All Ends at A.C. Airport

George ALBON: Some Boys

Jordan DAVIS: W

Valerie SAVIOR: More Tile / The Level / More Tile / The Lamp / The Book

Corina COPP: Three Poems / On This Cannibal / The Pollen's on the Rake / The Dawdle after the Rake

Arkadii DRAGOMOSHCHENKO: Reflections in a Golden Eye
(translation by Genya Turovskaya)

Luisa GIUGLIANO: from Basic City Crowd

Karen WEISER: Most of all, the roundness of planetary dimensions / Peony monument / 1.31.04 / 2.1.04 / 2.3.04 / 2.4.04 / Blocked by the Barge / Quivering in the Common World

John SCHERTZER: Compass (a choreography) / The Cracked Case

Alexei PARSHCHIKOV: Wrestlers / Force / Glass Towers
(translations by Eugene Ostashevsky and Wayne Chambliss)

Mary Jo BANG: The Tropic Bride / From the Mouth of Architecture / How High the Moon

Genya TUROVSKAYA: Placebo Affliction / Cosmic Naught

Marcella DURAND: Mercury, Liquid / It Changing, Tints / Terra, Spoken / From Terra, Here

Olivier CADIOT
(translation by Cole Swenson)

Lisa LUBASCH: Cavalier Malcontents / Eyes on Top of Careening Matter / Matters of Matters of Chance / 03/06/02 / Generations Live inside the Asphalt

Steve MALMUDE: Nomads' Lane / The Little Daughters / Fascination / Fighter / I Now Swear / It's a Small World After All